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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that you may find very helpful. Click on the question to get your answer.

What brand / type of paint or coating will you apply to my building? Is it vinyl paint or a 100% acrylic? What is the difference between the two?
Some painters will purchase any paint that is sold in the nearest store or outlet as possible i.e.: k-mart, Wal-Mart, Ace hardware, or any place that has a summer sale and etc without regard to quality only price. Some painters work for other companies and steal the paint from that company these are called “side jobs” usually done weekends or after hours.
Will you be using a primer on my building? If so, what type of primer will you be using water base or oil base and where will it be going i.e., is it a spot prime or full prime?
Surface preparation is of critical importance when painting your building. If the new paint or coating being applied to your building is not being applied to a stable surface, the paint is not going to be on the building very long, usually 1-3 years at most. In the paint industry the term for a painting contractor who does little or no surface preparation is a “Blow N Go” contractor. “Blow N Go” painting contractors end up cheating their customers because the paint they apply does not last long enough to give you value for the money you spend. The amount of time spent on surface preparation is a direct indicator of the quality of the whole paint job. Again, you need to know in writing exactly what surface preparation is to be done because if it is not in writing the contractor is not obligated or in some cases willing to do anything.
What should be calked?
Freeze blocks, window door and corner trims, where concrete meets building surfaces, horizontal and vertical joints, and any other area that could cause leaks. Do you calk the entire building? If not: What exactly will you be calking on my building? Will this be in writing on my estimate?
Approximately how many days will the surface preparation process take?
The amount of prep days will indicate the painter’s dedication to the quality of work and end result.
How many days will the entire process of painting my building take?
The majority of work will be done while you are not home so you need to know that your property is going to be taken care of by the people painting your building. A “Blow N Go” contractor can do as much damage to your property; such as overspray on roofs or on cars or spills on concrete etc as what they are charging to paint your building doubling your financial loses.
Approximately how long will the paint/coating you apply last?
Almost always it is not the paint that fails; it’s the building surfaces underneath that are failing. The number 1 reason for failure is the heat that is absorbed into the surface and the real solution to long term protection is to lower building surface temperatures. Before deciding which paint to allow to be applied to your building ask the contractor if the paint that is used will reduce the surface temperatures. The # 2 cause of failure is moisture. Additionally according to government research, dirt buildup in the first 2 to 3 months after painting will reduce paints ability to lower surface temperatures by as much as 70 percent. The side benefits from lower surface temperatures are noticeably lower utility and maintenance cost with a more comfortable interior.
Will you be painting my building or will you be using a sub-contractor?
Some companies will hire casual unskilled laborers at minimum wage to do the prep work so the painter can do only finish paint work, these are known as prima donna painters.